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Pizzeria Uno Pizza

Any argument over who has the best Chicago pizza has to start with the restaurant that invented the Chicago style pizza, Pizzeria Uno.  It’s hard to dispute the claim that Pizzeria Uno has the best Chicago pizza.

The original Unos is located at 29 E Ohio Street.  So if you want to say you ate at the place where the original deep dish pizza was invented then you need to come to the Ohio street location.  Unos is now a chain with restaurants throughout Chicago.

It still have some of the best Chicago pizza.  The Numero Uno is their signature pizza.  It’s a pizza with sausage, pepperoni, onions, peppers, mushrooms and chunky tomato pizza.  Topped with mozzarella and grated Ramano.

The Chicago Classic is also considered one of the best Chicago pizza, filled with crumbled sausage, chunky tomato sauce, mozzarella and grated Ramano.

You an also make your own pizza and pick your own fillings but if you want to try Chicago best pizza then try the Numero Uno, you won’t go won.

Best Chicago Pizza

Chicago is a city well known for its taste in pizza. The idea of the deep dish pizza was developed somewhere in the city and this type of pizza has so much layered on cheese, and real tomatoes, that it is eaten with a knife and fork. Chicagoans take their pizza seriously and as such there are many different places to get the best Chicago pizza, while visiting this city.
The traditional deep dish Chicago pizza was thought to be started in 1943 by an individual from what is now known as the restaurant Uno Chicago Grille. The traditional style deep dish requires a thick crust that is rumored to be at least three inches in height. On the bottom of each pizza pie pan, a layer of cornmeal is spread before the crust is spread into the pan with the use of olive oil. After this, the crust is baked for a few minutes before all of the toppings are added to the sauce. A true best Chicago pizza must include sausage, as a topping along with large handfuls of mozzarella cheese.
As one can imagine, there have been dozens of other pizzerias opening up in Chicago and each site promotes itself as the best Chicago pizza in town. The only true way to know is to visit the city and decide for you. Other than the deep dish style, another current favorite got its start in Chicago.
Stuff it
Although a national pizza chain claims to have the first stuffed crust pizza, it is reported that Chicago was the site of the first stuffed crust pizza back in the early 1970’s. Stuffed crust pizza is stuffed with cheese, of course, however, many other items such as pepperoni is also stuffed into some of the pizza pies made by different pizzerias.
The stuffed crust pizza is usually much deeper than a traditional deep dish pizza to allow for the additional dough used to form the larger crust.
Other types
There are other types of best Chicago pizzas out there and pan pizza also is reported to have gotten its start in Chicago, as well. Pan pizza is very similar to deep dish except with deep dish the crust is thick, while the bottom of the pie is not too thick at all. With pan pizza, the crust is thicker all over, much like Italian bread.
Another type of pizza that is favored in Chicago, but not as much as the deep dish styles, is the thin crust. This crust is a relatively newer one in Chicago and most thin crust pizzas in the city are made then cut into smaller squares, not into slices like traditional pizza pies. No matter what style of pizza you want, chances are great that you will find your own personal best Chicago pizza, no matter where you eat it in the city. If you really want to know which pizza is the best, consider asking the locals where to do. They are the best indicators of whose pizza really is the best Chicago pizza.

Good quality pizza

Finding good quality pizza or the best Chicago pizza is a very personal thing.  What one person thinks is a good pizza can draw a totally different response from another individual.

To add to the complication, there are so many different types of pizza.  There is the thin crust pizza, thick crust pizza, and deep dish pizza to mention a few.  Then there is how the pizza is cooked.  How the pizza is made.  The different kinds of ingredients in each pizza that it is very hard to determine who makes or who has the best Chicago pizza.

The best way to determine the best Chicago pizza, you need to try what are considered some of the best pizza in Chicago and draw your own opinion.  There is no right or wrong answer.  There is only different degrees of good pizza.

I recommend that you talk to friends and ask them for their opinions of where to get a good pie.  Then try some of those places and form an opinion.